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Servant of God Camilla Nikolajevna Krushelnitskaya 1892—1937

Camilla Nikolayevna Krushelnitskaya was born in 1892 in Baranovichi. She was graduated from the secondary school and studied at the university in Moscow. While she lived in Moskow, she was in contact with the prioress of the community of Dominican tertiaries, mother Catherine Abrikosova. In the beginning of 1930, during the period of religious persecution, a group of young people met at Krushelnitskaya's apartment, in order to discuss about religious topics. Camilla Nikolayevna was arrested in 1933 and subsequently sentenced to prison camp for 10 years. She was sent to the camp at Solovki. In the camp she displayed fortitude of her faith and married a man whom she hoped to convert, but he turned to be a traitor. In 1937 Krushelnitskaya was transferred from Solovki, and on 27th October1937, she has been shot in the natural boundary Sandormokh under Medvezhegorsk in Karelia.

Camilla Krushelnitskaya received evidence that she was suffering for the faith. While she was in the prison camp she tried to keep in touch with the Catholic priests, reserved strength of faith and tried to witness about the faith before the people. Under inhuman conditions of the camp she kept her human feelings and love for her neighbor.

The prayer for the beatification of the Servant of God Camilla Krushelnitskaya

O God Almighty, Your Son suffered on the Cross and died for the salvation of people. Imitating Him, Your Servant Camilla Krushelnitskaya loved You from the bottom of her heart, served You faithfully during the persecutions and devoted her life to the Church. Make her known in the assembly of Your blessed, so that the example of her faithfulness and love would shine before the whole world. I pray to You through her intercession, hear my request …………..through Christ our Lord. Amen.

The prayer has to be used in private, as well as in public, out of the Holy Mass.
+ Archbishop Thaddeus Kondrusiewich, St.Petersburg 05.04.2004
Postulator asks to inform about the graces received through the mediation of the Servant of God.
Address: Fr. Bronislav Chaplicki, 1st  Krasnoarmyskaya, D.11, 198005, St.Petersburg, Russia.

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