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Archbishop Edward Profittlich, SJ

еп. Эдуард Профитлих

Edward-Gottlieb Marcusovich Profittlich was born on the 11th of September 1890, in the village of Birrensdorf, near Colbenz in Germany, into a peasant family. He finished high school in Linz and studied at the seminary in Trier, but did not graduate. On the 11th of April he joined the Jesuit Order in Heerenberg. On the 27th of August 1922, he was ordained a priest and then in 1922 he became a Doctor of Theology and Philosophy at Krakow University. In 1924 he was a missionary in Poland, then a missionary in Germany in 1925. In 1927 he was a priest at a parish in Hamburg, then in Tallinn (1930) Estonia. In 1931 he was named Apostolic Administrator of Estonia. After the signing of a treaty between Estonia and the Vatican on the 27th of November 1936 Fr. Edward was named Titular Archbishop of Adrianople and on the 27th of December 1936 he was consecrated as bishop. He remained in Estonia after it was absorbed into the USSR. He visited the German embassy three times, attempting to get permission for Catholic priests and nuns to leave for Germany. In 1941 he was arrested and transported to the prison in Kirov (now Vyatka), in Russia. In 1941 he was sentenced to be shot. But he died in Kirov prison on February 22nd 1942 before the sentence could be carried out. On the 12th of June 1990, he received posthumous rehabilitation.

Fr. Edward was ready to accept martyrdom for the faith. In a letter to his friends and relations on the 8th of February 1941, he wrote that it is normal for a pastor to remain with his flock, and to be willing to accept both joy and suffering together with his flock. He wrote how joyfully he sensed the presence of God," to whom we have surrendered all". He wrote of how he was ready to surrender to Him all his freedom and his life: "But my life and, if they are required, my sufferings too will be my life and my sufferings for Christ."

Materials have been published in various languages about Bishop Profittlich. In them he is called a martyr. There is a memorial plaque to him in a Tallinn church, before which Pope John Paul II prayed in 1993



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