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Servant of God Bishop Antony Maletski 1861—1935

Antony Iosifovich Maletski was born in St. Petersburg on April 17th 1861. He was graduated from the St. Petersburg Theological seminary. He was ordained as priest in 1884.  In 1896 he organized an asylum for boys and the school of the vocational training for the orphans. He was arrested in March of 1923 and sentenced to imprisonment for 3 years. After the liberation he returned to Leningrad. On August 13th 1926 he was ordained as Bishop and appointed as Apostolic Administrator of Leningrad. In November 1930, he was arrested and sent to the exile to Siberia, while he was nearly 70 years old. In 1934 he was liberated because of the intercession of international organizations and was sent to Poland in exchange [of the prisoners], his health was in a very precarious state of broken by the sufferings during his imprisonment. He died at Warsaw on 17th January 1935. Soon after his death many of the clergymen and the laymen were convinced of his sanctity.

“I became closely acquainted with Bishop Antony and saw his fruitful work in the town on the Neva river with my own eyes. Everybody was astonished of his energy and faith, with which he saved children who were doomed to demoralization. <...> The fact that they [the children] were not lost for the Church and the people are the merit, by the God's grace, of their spiritual leader and guardian. <...> When he was consecrated bishop, he was the Apostolic Administrator in Leningrad under the instructions of the Holy See, and worked there in the extremely difficult   conditions. Heaven only knows how much sufferings, humiliations and persecution he faced during this period. Late in his life he arrived in Poland exhausted and ill, and there he gave up his spirit to the Lord.”
From the memories of cardinal Alexander Kakowski

The prayer for the beatification of the pious Bishop Antony Maletski

O Lord Jesus, You said: “Let the little children come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.” You have filled Your Servant Bishop Antony with the spirit of sacrificial love and care for poor children and orphans, and late in his life You made him similar to You through the sufferings and performance of the Cross until death. O Divine Leader, make Your pious servant known in the assembly of Your saints, and through his intercession, hear my humble request ………………………… who lives and reigns with you, for ever and ever. Amen.

The prayer has to be used in private, as well as in public, out of the Holy Mass.
+ Archbishop Thaddeus Kondrusiewich, St.Petersburg  05.04.2004
Postulator asks to inform about the graces received by mediation of the Servant of God.
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